Twitter hashtags

Well, I have been trying to get my twitter followers higher and also at the same time, put some of my reference materials in one place that I can quickly get to. so I have created a few hashtags!

The first one I put together was with my published articles where I used the #FrisardDiscusses

I also have created one on my favorite book quotes at #Frisardsbookquotes

I am in the middle of now putting up my presentations I have done using this one: #frisardpresents

Also have a few fun ones like travel photos with the combo hashtags of #Whereintheworld @frisard

Another fun one called #SelfieSunday @frisard

April 2018 Packing School

Great school this spring – had some students that made the class exciting.

Also one of the tools I got to use was this wireless camera. it really did help in seeing in the bottom of the stuffing box.

The Caine Mutiny

I have seen this movie many times and it is such a classic. I think it is Humphrey Bogart’s best movie ever. The point I want o make is how it handles team dynamics. So to give you a quick synopsis, Captain Queeg was a mentally disturbed man and probably resulting from shell shock over the years. His crew during a typhoon relieved him of duty because they thought he was delusional and putting his men in harms way. The guy who took over was put up for court martial and the clip below is how his attorney was able to get the cray cray to come out of the captain.

After the case was dismissed the attorney got drunk and felt terrible about what he was forced to do. He gave a great speech about who he feels is responsible for all of this mess in the first place.

Polar Plunge 2018!

Well completed my 2nd Polar plunge and was dressed up as the Grinch that stole Xmas. We had a Dr. Suess theme.
It was much warmer then last year but still not a great time to take a dive into the water! I raised over $1000 dollars this year also.
Here are some photos of the day:

The quote about Technology and age that rings true

Well I was watching this great youtube video from Adam Conover presentation on “Millennial’s Don’t Exist” and it is my new favorite. Not only does it blow away the whole generalizations of generation thinking – it also had a quote in it that sums it up perfectly from Douglas Adams – the writer of the famous Hitchikers guide to the Universe series.

The whole “Dang Kids, get off my lawn” meme makes much more sense now! It shows that your own bias of being left out of new tech that younger people have gravitated to makes them seem out of sync with the universe.
I will always look at Tech differently after this!

Tacoma Truck Lottery

10 years ago, Back in March of 2008 I hit the Tacoma lottery!
It started with bringing my 1999 Toyota Tacoma with 184,000 miles on it to the shop. The news was not good. I needed the following:
– new rear springs
– new fan belt
– new battery
– new brakes
It was going to cost way above $2000. The guy came out to talk to me and kind of sounded like a vet telling you your dog was about to die. I decided I needed to go get a new car instead of dump money into a car past its prime.

I went to Acton Toyota and as I pulled in the guy said I had hit the “Tacoma lottery”. He explained that Toyota of America was buying back Tacoma’s that were made between 1995-2000 for 1.5 times excellent condition blue book value what ever the condition of the truck. First I thought the guy was crazy but it is true! I signed my truck over to Toyota for $12,510… I would of been lucky to get $500 dollars from a high schooler on a good day for that truck. As you can see from these photo’s, I did not keep the car in great condition.

New Orleans trip 2018

this year i had my in-laws join my wife and I in the city of my birth, New Orleans Louisiana. We stayed downtown and really took in the city including the food. Oysters are a big par to the cities culinary cuisine and as the photo above shows, they were amazing.

The oysters and the pork chop (photo above) was from this amazing place called Galliano’s – We found the place late and were so lucky how amazing it was.

The next morning we went to the famous Brennan’s restaurant for brunch. The photo above is the eggs cardinal and it was amazing!

We took this photo in the front lobby where the famous rooster is located.

We also went down Frenchman street to the Blue Nile to see Kermit Ruffins perform. I have seen him many times and that night he did not disappoint.

The last great place we went was Emeril’s flagship restaurant.

Risk vs. Uncertainty

Was listening to a podacast and they were talking about how people do not understand the difference between Risk and Uncertainty. The lack of knowing this causes people to make grave financial mistakes. Also not understanding can really effect your view of the world.

a great example I heard of the difference is the concept of a bucket with balls in it. Risk is something you know the odds for, lets say 50% of the balls in the bucket are red, what would you bet the first ball is red. Uncertainty is something you do not know any odds / in our example there are 100 balls in the bucket, it is unknown what % is red and if there are any Red balls in the bucket! Taking a wager on if a red ball will be pulled is a serious uncertainty.