Trip Review: 91 Vilnius, Lithuania

Back in May of 2004 I was asked to go to Lithuania to work with our new distributor. It was an interesting time in the country since it had focused on oil production and just joining NATO. The country had invaded by many counties including Russia only a few decades before.

This was the plane I flew on – they still had at that time government owned Lithuania airlines.

One afternoon outside our hotel we saw kids walking down the street marching in a band.

The local McDonald’s had a walk-by window.

This was the famous cathedral in the city center. We walked through it and it was amazing. some of the things I remember about the country is everyone was dressed so perfect everyday. Also I remember working with their computers and driving to the refinery on the other side of the country. It was a beautiful drive and everyone was very nice.

Trip Review: # 129 Laguna Verde Nuclear plant

I have visited a large percentage of nuclear plants in the US and back in 2006 I made my first visit to the only nuclear plant in Mexico called Laguna Verde. It is located north of Veracruz on the gulf of Mexico.

I visited the plant again in 2008 (#158) and the engineers traveled to Mexico City for another visit with me in 2011 (#200). In all three of these meetings I conducted training and troubleshooting of hard to seal valve applications. The plant has some very good engineers and also we have some great specialists who call on the plant.

One funny incident now looking back on it was when I was eating at a small outdoor restaurant and when I sat down the chair exploded into small pieces! I was like a giant and my weight was enough for the chair to give out.

Trip Review: #220 Gasket/Packing training Prairie State/Sioux Ameren Fossil Power Plants

Radionizer: #220
Trip: Valve and Gasket Training at Sioux Power Plant and Prairie State Power Plant
February 25th – 27th, 2013 – outside Saint Louis, Missouri
This trip was to conduct 4 4-hour seminars at 2 fossil power plants on the basics of valve packing and flange sealing. The training went off very well and I really enjoyed doing the training. It was also a chance for me to use my 2nd generation bolting demonstration unit I built from the ground up.

My bolting cart screenshot showing the decay curve of gasket creep.

Fred moving the valve hands on unit between plants

The Sioux Power Plant

The Prairie state Power Plant